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Online shopping TIPS
for everyone.
eTukuri brings you ideas on how to save and provides
you with practices that you can apply to have a better
and secure shopping experience.

We can help you with the do's and the don'ts, as well as when and where you can get the most out of making your purchases over the World Wide Web.

How do I save more?
Package Consolidation
To pay a single base charge, buy from multiple merchants and wait for all your orders to arrive before making payment. Store your packages in our warehouse for up to 21 days - it's free!
Buy more for less
Get free local shipping or reduce charges when you organize sprees or gather your friends to make purchases from the same site.
Shop Sales
Big sales like Black Friday, Summer Sales, and more are always coming up. Follow us on social media or check out our merchant's page to find out more.
​How do I stay safe when shopping online?
Buy from merchants you know and trust.
Use websites that you are familiar with. Do a bit of research and make sure that the site is reliable before ordering. Reading review is a helpful way to know the authenticity of the sites.
Check prices & reviews before buying.
Go to sites like DealTime.com, mySimon.com, AddAll.com or pricegrabber.com to compare prices before you place your order. Try to read up reviews to find out if the product you want is worth the buy.
Find out return and refund policies.
Protect yourself by always checking policies as well as the process of reporting returns, just in case. Some merchants do not refund after a certain number of days.
Keep your personal details secure.
Don’t give up personal information like credit card numbers, passwords or account information easily. Most companies would not ask for sensitive details via email.
Do an invoice check.
Be meticulous in going through the order invoices you receive. Review your accounts regularly. Contact us if there’s anything amiss.
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