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Air Freight
1. What are eTukuri Shipping Services?
The Shipping Services currently offered by eTukuri are:

eTukuri USA

These Shipping Services provide you with personalized delivery addresses located overseas, thereby allowing you to shop from international merchants that usually do not ship to Maldives.

Your purchases that are delivered to these personalized delivery addresses would then be shipped to Maldives and delivered to the Maldives address you registered with eTukuri.

2. What are the benefits of using eTukuri Shipping Services?
The benefits of using eTukuri Shipping Services include, being able to:

a. Purchase items that are available overseas but not in Maldives.
b. Purchase items from overseas merchants that do not ship to Maldives.
c. Purchase items available in Maldives from relatively cheaper overseas sources.
d. Save shipping costs by paying one base charge per bill instead of one base charge per package whenyou use eTukuri Shipping Services that offer the Shipment consolidation feature.

3. How do I use eTukuri Shipping Services?
You must be an eTukuri member. If you are not yet a member, you can sign up here.

As an eTukuri member, you can follow the steps displayed here to use eTukuri Shipping Services.

4. What should I enter as my shipping and billing addresses on merchant websites?
You should enter your personalized eTukuri address, specific to the eTukuri Shipping Service you use, as your shipping address.

These personalized addresses comprise of your name, VP number and the overseas addresses eTukuri uses to process your packages and are displayed in your eTukuri account.

You should enter your Maldives address as your billing address.

However, you may also enter your personalized eTukuri address at merchant sites which do not allow you to enter Maldives addresses as a billing address. Please note that by doing so, you may not receive the hard copy invoice should the Merchant send it via mail.

5. What are the items that I cannot ship with eTukuri Shipping Services?
You can use eTukuri Shipping Services to ship any items except those prohibited by any law in force in the Republic of Maldives and the country of origin.

Items of which their possession or transmission is prohibited by the laws of the country of origin and destination will not be accepted in the country of destination. These items include, but are not limited to: explosives, poisons, flammable items, radioactive material, compressed gas, corrosive, firearms and any items, which, by their nature of packing may expose officers of Maldives Post to injury or cause damage to other items.

Please check back whenever you need to place an order, to make sure that your items are not classified as Dangerous Goods.

In general, please refer to the Maldives Customs website at www.customs.gov.mv for any updates/information as well as our prohibited list, which is updated from time to time.

6. Does eTukuri provide guarantee on product authenticity?
eTukuri does not guarantee the authenticity, genuineness or quality of the item. For your own safety, please purchase items from reputable merchants and sites.

7. What other alternatives are available, if I do not wish to use eTukuri to re-direct my item/package?
For redirection of your item/package, it is your responsibility to arrange for your own courier to pick up the package from the eTukuri shipping address. Please update us of your arrangement and provide us with a copy of the preprinted prepaid label (airwaybill), so we can convey the information to our freight forwarder to release the package to your appointed courier. You are required to fill up any document(s) as requested by your courier. Please note that a $10.00 administrative handling charge will be imposed.

Alternatively, you may request for the package to be disposed off at the eTukuri shipping address, if you do not want to return to the merchant/sender or re-direct to another address.

8. What are the minimum and maximum size measurements of packages that I can ship using eTukuri Services?
There is no minimum size for packages that you can ship via eTukuri Services. However, each package minimum chargeable weight will be 0.5KG.

Maximum Actual weight: 50KG
Maximum Length: 180 cm
Maximum length plus girth (2W + 2H) must not exceed 300 cm
Packages that exceed the maximum length measurement cannot be shipped.

9. Any tips on how a package should be packed?
We do not advise shipping of Fragile or Special Care items.

However, if you need to, please ensure proper packaging by your Sender. Please inform your sender to pack it well in shipping condition to ensure that the items are sufficiently insulated during the shipping process.

We do not take responsibility for any damages that may occur during the entire handling, shipping and delivery from our overseas shipping facilities to your Maldives address.

10. What must be submitted for "declaration of item value"?
Declaration of item value submitted by you shall include all taxes, domestic local shipping charges as well as all other applicable fees charged by the Merchant / Seller.

11. What happens if my USA order exceeds USD$2500 in value?
When your order is equal to or exceeds this amount, a Shipper's Export Declaration (i.e. SED) form is needed.

This requirement is needed by the US Customs Authority.

Please refer to eTukuri Terms and Conditions clause 10 for the SED form and the sample SED form.

Once the form is filled and duly signed, please fax the form to eTukuri.

eTukuri will then forward the form to our US forwarder, to process the shipment of the order out of US.

12. My package has arrived at eTukuri USA Shipping Centre, why is it still not reflected under my account?
Please allow 1-2 working days for eTukuri USA to process your shipment upon arrival at the eTukuri Shipping Centre.

13. Can I ship a bulky item (e.g. washer)? Do you have any restriction in terms of size (height & weight) of the package?
We have a maximum dimension which can ship through eTukuri, and it is as follows:

Minimum Size: N/A
Maximum Length:180 cm
Maximum length plus girth (2W + 2H) must not exceed 300 cm

Packages that exceed the maximum length measurement cannot be shipped.

14. Which online merchants can I shop from?
You can shop from any US online merchant that can accept your payments and deliver your purchases to your personalized eTukuri addresses.

15. What if the Merchant delivered the wrong items or quantity to me?
As eTukuri Shipping Services only provides the means for you to ship your purchase to Maldives, you will have to liaise directly with the Merchant for any refund, return, exchange or money-back guarantee policy and/or procedure of any items.

Please contact your Merchant for further assistance on this matter.

16. Can I purchase additional enhanced liability for the item/packages that I want eTukuri to ship to me?
Yes, you can now purchase additional enhanced liability for your packages shipped through eTukuri Shipping Services by choosing "ADD Post Dhahanaa" when you checkout.

Post Dhahanaa will be based on the value of the goods and eTukuri shipping charges. For more details, please click here to find out more about buying enhanced liability for your items.

17. What are the premiums for purchasing the additional enhanced liability?
All premiums# payable will be based on 3% of the declared item value subject to a minimum premium# of $10 for each consignment note. Declared item value shall include, but is not limited to, cost of the item, any Post Dhahanaa purchased for the local shipping eTukuri's overseas shipping facilities, local shipping charges to eTukuri's overseas shipping facilities and any other applicable charges paid. Limits of liability of each consignment note will be MVR 50,000.

The basis of valuation of any loss or damage to the subject matter or any such expense incurred related thereto is set out in the policy.

Nil excess will apply for each consignment note.

#Premium(s) refers to Post Dhahanaa and administrative fees payable.

18. What items can be covered by Post Dhahanaa?
Most purchasable items can be covered by Post Dhahanaa.

However, please click here for more details to refer to the Terms and Conditions.

19. How do I file Insurance Claims, in the event that I need to?
An enquiry should be raised via our Customer Service. Please call 3315555 or leave us a message.

When submitting the claim, all relevant documents must be enclosed, including but not limited to the following:

1. Content merchant invoice or purchase receipts of the subject matter covered by Post Dhahanaa;
2. Photos of the external packaging and the damaged content to facilitate our investigation;
3. All correspondence exchanged with any third party responsible or potentially responsible for the loss or damage of the subject matter.

Please refer to Terms and Conditions for procedure of claims.

20. I wanted to shop for watches and jewelry in the USA, can I buy Post Dhahanaa for these items? Any assurance that the items will not be lost?
The mentioned items are covered up to a maximum of $1000 by Post Dhahanaa.

For more information on Post Dhahanaa, please contact us via mail.
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